Simple Hacks to Keep Your Career Momentum Flowing

August 15, 2016

Success never comes easily, and you’re bound to face challenges along the way. But it’s about your attitude and what you do every day that will help you achieve greatness. Here are a few easy things you can do every day, week, and month to keep you inspired to greatly pursue your calling – whatever it may be.

Read for 10 minutes a day

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“You make it happen by having a positive attitude, by putting a lot of work in it. And having a no fail attitude.” Arien Coppock, Cycling Guide and Travel Specialist

Read for 10 minutes, or 20 minutes, whatever you can fit in. We all know that learning never stops, but what many don’t realize is that inspiration from the movers and shakers in your industry is within reach. So I’ll remind you of a tip you probably heard when you were younger: read more, read often, and read the unexpected.

Read articles from influencers within your industry, stay up-to-date on news about compelling companies, and follow other industries for new perspectives. An easy way to do this is on LinkedIn. With more than three million posts published to date, there are boundless opportunities to read, learn, and grow.

To stir up your creative juices even more, read fiction. Studies show it can increase empathy, a vital part of emotional intelligence that can help you reach your professional – and personal – goals. Got a long commute? “Read” by listening to books. Or subscribe to your favorite podcast. It’s not reading, but studies show the attention you pay to that type of storytelling may just make you smarter. All of these ways of hearing other people’s stories can also give you the courage you need to keep going.

Learn one new thing a week

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“They'll never call you an expert unless you're good at doing something and you'll never be good at something unless you've learned how it is. (To do that) you have to fail several times.” Mark Mayungu, Senior Signal Engineer at Transport for London

Sometimes it seems the knowledge and skills required to be successful are changing faster than we can keep up. While the pace of change may seem daunting, it also presents an opportunity for increased motivation, inspiration, and problem solving.

Commit to learning one new thing a week -- and it can really be anything. From Photoshop, Google Analytics, Excel or even just a new way to introduce yourself at an event. New courses are published on every week, and highlighted on the LinkedIn Learning blog so you can stay up to date. By committing to one new thing a week, you’ll have learned over 52 new skills by this time next year. Just imagine where that could take you.

Reach out to one connection who inspires you a month

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“If you love what you do, it pushes you into the direction of being amazing at your job, and allowing other people to take part in that.” Carlos Maza, Media Watchdog

“It takes a village” isn’t just a metaphor about raising children, it also applies to every successful person out there. Truly – nobody does it alone. If you have a strong network, or even if you’re just starting, never underestimate the power of the people around you. Have a question? Reach out. Looking to build your network? Connect to people within your company and industry. You’ll want to build your network before you need it, so challenge yourself to reach out to a connection who inspires you once a month and keep your network fresh and growing. Contacting someone you don’t yet know may seem daunting, but you may be surprised who responds. For an easy start, send one note a month to one of your existing contacts and ask them to join you for a cup of coffee. Taking time to get to know existing LinkedIn connections who inspire you can be a great way to get new ideas about how to steer your career forward.

Strong career momentum is essential, regardless of your role or industry. It’s about the energy and willingness to move forward. Keeping yourself inspired by new stories, skills, and people can give you the boost you need to get back up and #ChaseGreat.