Tap Into Professional Knowledge with Content Search at LinkedIn

August 25, 2016

Every day millions of professionals are using LinkedIn to share their experiences, opinions and perspectives on a wide variety of topics. All of this professional knowledge is literally at your fingertips with our new content search feature on the LinkedIn mobile app. Members can now search for any topic and find relevant articles published on LinkedIn, either by third-parties, or shared by other members in their feed.

1. Search your feed. Remember the last time you came across that awesome article in your feed, and then couldn't get back to it? Now we’ve got you covered. Enter the keywords you remember in the search box and find what you’re looking for under the Posts tab of the search results page. While you’re at it, join the conversation and share your own unique perspectives on the topic.

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2. Explore topics you care about. Content search helps you keep up with topics you're interested in, and allows you to dive deeper to learn more. Search for any topic in your industry, like augmented reality or mobile marketing, and instantly access the latest conversations, ideas, and diverse perspectives of your peers, colleagues or thought-leaders. See anything that sparks your curiosity? Refine your search to dive deeper into the topic and learn more.

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3. Tap into hashtags. Hashtags included in your posts (or others) are now tappable and lead to search results so that you can discover other posts with the same hashtag. Simply add a hashtag to your post and it will be automatically available publicly, or if you want it to be only visible to your connections you can easily change your sharing settings (more on privacy below). As you would expect, you can also search for a hashtag to see all public posts tagged with it.

With the addition of the Posts tab on the search results page, we’ve also been experimenting with a new “Top” tab to help you get to what you’re looking for quickly. This new tab organizes and surfaces the best search results from the most relevant verticals (People, Jobs, etc.).

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These search enhancements are just the beginning. We are on a quest to make LinkedIn search more useful, fast and fun so you will be more effective in your career. To start off, we’re launching content search in LinkedIn iOS and Android apps for English speaking members. In the upcoming weeks and months we will roll it out to all members on all platforms. Stay tuned and in the meantime, give content search a spin. I am eager to hear what you think. #searchatlinkedin


At LinkedIn we take your privacy seriously. The privacy settings you specify when you post or write an article are honored in our search results, i.e., if you share your post with your connections only, only they will be able to retrieve your post via search. Conversely, your search results contain public posts and posts shared by your connections. The same rules apply to hashtag search.