Expert Tips for Making Skills on Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

October 26, 2016

We know how important it is to look your best professionally and be recognized for your skills, especially if you’re searching for a new job. An easy way to do this is making sure that your “Skills & Endorsements” are up to date on your LinkedIn Profile. Here are three tips for using LinkedIn to stand out:

1. Feature your strengths and your most in-demand skills

Endorsements are a great way to get recognized for your skills and help build your professional reputation. We’ve been working to make endorsements even more valuable and have recently rolled out updates to better surface your most relevant skills and improve targeting for suggesting endorsements so that the connections who know your work best can validate your skills.

To take advantage of these enhancements, make sure to highlight the top skills you want to be recognized for. All you need to do is add new skills and move the most relevant ones to the top. We do the work of personalizing your endorsements to who is viewing your profile, and making sure that the most relevant endorsements from connections or experts in the field are highlighted. Here’s how:

As your role changes and your expertise grows, make sure to refresh and reorder your skills. Bonus: we just released the Top Skills of 2016, so take a look and consider featuring these in-demand skills if you have them.

2. Keep your endorsements fresh

To make sure you’re highlighting the skills that will get you noticed, we’ve added a new feature that suggests skills and gives insights based on your profile. For example, we can tell you how much more likely you are to receive messages or get a new job if you possess certain in-demand skills. So check them out, and consider updating your profile if you have those skills.

Endorsements help ensure you are more likely to be discovered through search. Also, if you have at least five skills listed on your LinkedIn profile you will may receive up to 17x more profile views!

3. Take courses to learn new skills

The useful shelf life of professional skills has shrunk to less than five years, so continually learning and updating your skills is critical to staying ahead and looking your best. With LinkedIn Learning, you have access to more than 5,000 courses to help you learn the most in-demand skills, including the ones in our Top Skills of 2016 list.

And if you don’t have the skills suggested for you based on your current role and profile, LinkedIn Learning gives you an easy way to learn those skills and continue building your reputation. Join us this week for the Week of Learning to take courses free of charge and start building even more skills.

These features were developed to help you look your best, so head over to your profile to make sure that you’re highlighting your strengths.