Vote: An Important Connection to Economic Opportunity

November 3, 2016

LinkedIn's vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. While LinkedIn’s products and services and our work on the Economic Graph will help make that vision a reality, economic opportunity is impacted by larger societal issues. Government policies on issues such as tax, trade, immigration, education, health care and the environment will be influenced by the results of these elections. As a result, LinkedIn is doing two things around this year’s U.S. election.

First, we’ve updated our Time Off to Vote policy for U.S. employees which enables employees to take time away from work to vote in official public elections.

Second, we believe in the power of voting so strongly that we are reminding our members to get out and vote. Over the next several days, LinkedIn members in the U.S. will receive a prompt on our mobile app that reads, “Remember to vote--Make sure your voice is heard this election,” along with a link to locate their polling place.


More than 130 million LinkedIn members and more than 6,800 LinkedIn employees in the U.S. have a diverse range of views and opinions that shape our world. Our call to action is not to advocate for a particular position but to encourage our members and employees to educate themselves on the issues and candidates and to express their views through voting.