The Era of Citizen Power: LinkedIn Speaker Series with Eric Liu

August 28, 2017

Shortly after taking the LinkedIn Speaker Series stage, Eric Liu, author, journalist, and teacher of civic power, emphatically expressed, “we’re all living in a remarkable moment in history.”

This opening quote became the thematic driver for the rest of his hour-long talk, which aimed to inform, remind, and prove to the audience that the world is experiencing an age of epic political change — all through the efforts of average citizens.

By studying and experiencing the progressive collapse of traditional institutions firsthand, Liu found his passion in education and empowerment. He discussed the breakdown of major political parties, the spontaneous growth of grassroots and bottom-up movements like Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street, and he spoke about the proverbial “door” that has opened allowing citizens of all types to amplify their voices and reclaim power from the governing elite.

As you delve into Liu’s Speaker Series talk, you’ll uncover both the definition of “citizen power,” as well as the laws of power. In addition, he explores how citizens can generate their own power by creating strategies of reform, and contributing to the change that they want to be in this world, both big and small.

He even goes as far as offering recommendations for how the ordinary citizen can utilize, generate, and enable power within their immediate communities and beyond by answering, “what can I do to help?,“ “ what is my piece in all of this?,” and “how do I show up to make change?” By emphasizing that everyone possesses the capacity to make change happen, Liu underlines the need for education and literacy on the subject of power. With this education comes:

  • An understanding that power shifts, generates, and manifests

  • The need for self reflection to identify existing power that you may already possess

  • The realization that creating change starts with small steps - by asking questions, building trust and owning your failings

  • A self reflection of how you can practice power

Liu’s talk is a must-watch that will leave you inspired, empowered, confident, and eager to be the best citizen that you can be. It’s only fitting that he concludes with this quote:

“YOU are more powerful than YOU think, but WE are more powerful than WE think. I challenge you to wake up, see the world, and engage with one another.”

Watch his full LinkedIn Speaker Series video below, or listen to the podcast for the entire story.