Tuesday Tip: How to Build Out Your Profile, If You’re Just Starting Out

August 29, 2017

If you’re a student or just entering the workforce, you might be wondering what to add to your LinkedIn Profile — we’re here to help. You might not realize it, but even if you lack a long work history, there’s plenty that you can add to your profile to reflect your interests and experience.

For starters, make sure to add key skills you’ve honed through class projects or internships, such as project management, teamwork, and communication. Hint: you’re more likely to find your way in to opportunities if you list more than 5 skills.

Are you an active volunteer or passionate about a particular cause? Have you received any special recognitions or perhaps you speak a foreign language? From courses you’ve taken to test scores you’re proud of, make sure to capture this experience on your profile.

Now for the finishing touches. Make sure to use your summary to showcase your aspirations, or highlight what you’re good at and how that makes you a great fit for the opportunities you care about — for example, “I am passionate about helping underprivileged youth and this has taught me exceptional communications skills working across nonprofits, partner organizations, and investors.” One last thing: add a profile photo. This will help your connections recognize you and it helps boost your visibility with employers too.

Remember, your LinkedIn profile should tell your story and it should be working for you to find your way in to a new opportunity. Subscribe to our blog for more tips and insights.