Top 5 Publishing Tips From The 2017 LinkedIn Top Voices

December 12, 2017

Today LinkedIn is announcing the third annual Top Voices list, spotlighting the must-know contributors on LinkedIn in 2017. This past year has been filled with page-turning news -- from International Women’s Day and artificial intelligence, to diversity in Silicon Valley and beyond -- and millions of CEOs, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and more are turning to LinkedIn to reinforce their points of view.

We’re breaking down the top publishing tips and tricks that made the 2017 Top Voices rise to the top, all to help you share your insights with the professional world.

Tip 1: Start With a Topic You Care About

Whether it’s thought leadership advice, insights on the day’s top stories, or commentary on industry trends, a great rule of thumb is to start by focusing on a topic you are passionate about. For example, if you are in retail and feel strongly about the future of brick-and-mortar, like Top Voices honoree Zoe Leavitt, share your thoughts! If you’re stumped, a great source for inspiration is the LinkedIn Daily Rundown, where you can check out the day’s top professional news, trends and career tips -- see what peaks your interest and start there.

Tip 2: Cadence Is Critical

How often you publish content is key, as it ensures that you remain top of mind with your audience, and reinforces your continual presence as a thought leader. In fact, two-thirds (65%) of Top Voices publish at least once a month. Make sure to keep your posts regular, so your audience sees you as a go-to resource now and into the future.

Tip 3: Timing Is Everything

It’s helpful to use a trending topic to make your content timely -- this one element can take it from a nice-to-browse to a must-read. Think about the current news cycle, an upcoming holiday or trending research, and consider what might be useful to tie into the topic you want to explore. Check out how some of this year’s Top Voices weighed in on some of 2017’s biggest trending topics -- from best-selling author Adam Grant’s take on diversity in the workplace, to Uber’s new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi announcing the company’s shift in cultural norms.

Tip 4: Stay Engaged

One of the top takeaways from this year’s list is that engagement is key. Interacting with your audience doesn’t stop when you hit “Post.” In order to keep your audience interested and involved, and to reinforce your thoughts and ideas, it’s important to consistently engage with your network -- whether it’s through video content, regular status updates, thoughtful comments on articles, and beyond. The Top Voices are well-known for replying to comments on their articles, fueling conversation and staying active.

Tip 5: Get Inspired

Following the world’s Top Voices on LinkedIn will give you the opportunity to gain insights into emerging trends, spark commentary, and shed light on key issues. Whether it’s on your morning commute, during your lunch break, or for 10-minute mental power-ups throughout the day, you have access to the minds of some of the world’s best and brightest right at your fingertips.

Check out the full Top Voices list here to explore and follow leaders in your industry, LinkedIn Influencers and beyond – including Technology, VC & Entrepreneurship, Education, Healthcare, Management & Workplace, Economy & Finance, Retail, and Marketing & Social Media.

So get out there and share your perspective on this year's list using #LinkedInTopVoices.


The LinkedIn Top Voices were identified using a combination of data and editorial signals designed to capture the voices making a mark in their industries/region/country. This includes engagement (specifically the likes, comments and shares across each member’s articles, posts and videos); growth of followers tied to publishing activity; and number of times the writer had been featured in editorial channels, a signal of high-quality content. We also emphasize diversity of topics and voices. The list reflects publishing activity over a 12-month period, from November 2016 to November 2017, and as with all LinkedIn Lists, we excluded LinkedIn and Microsoft employees from consideration.