LinkedIn's Top 3 Tips for Navigating the Holidays at Work

December 5, 2017

While you might not realize it, the holiday season can be a major opportunity for your career. In fact, almost half of all professionals (47%) have seen a positive impact on their career from holiday networking. So how should you make the most out of the holiday festivities at your office?

Below is your ultimate guide for the 2017 holiday season at work:

1: Show Up to the Party and Get your Network On

First things first, make an effort to attend the holiday party – it sends the message that you value your company and your colleagues. And it’s the perfect time to network! When it comes to office holiday parties, 28% of U.S. professionals have learned about a new opportunity at work and 26% have gotten face time with executives they wouldn’t otherwise get to speak with. You never know, you could meet a new friend, mentor or even future boss.

And when it comes to factors like outfit and arrival time, a good rule of thumb is to keep your usual office etiquette in mind – more than two-thirds of U.S. professionals admit to having committed a holiday office party faux pas like arriving late, not following dress code and only socializing with people they already know. If you’re trying to decide whether or not to leave the reindeer antlers at home, consider erring on the side of caution and keeping it professional.

2: Know the Gifting Protocol

Gifting at work can be tricky to navigate. Who should you gift? What should you get them? Should you gift at all? While almost all (91%) U.S. professionals agree that giving holiday gifts at work is appropriate, it doesn’t hurt to get a read on what the norm is for your office. If you do decide to gift, make sure you are following gifting etiquette 101:

  • Who – In 2017, nearly half (48%) of professionals plan to gift peers at their company, and one third (33%) plan to gift superiors. Feel free to follow suit and always go with your gut.

  • What – No need to spend your entire paycheck, but try to gift something a bit more thoughtful than a stapler from the supply closet. A surprising 43% of U.S. professionals have received an obvious re-gift or an item taken from the office, such as office supplies. A handmade gift goes a long way – and homemade baked goods are a sure win.

3: Avoid Being the Office Grinch

Try your best to embrace the holiday season. Whether or not you love the holidays, it’s best to avoid being the office grump. Need some help getting in the spirit? We’ve taken the guess work out of the office holiday playlist by teaming up with Spotify to unveil the 20 most popular holiday songs for the office.

With these tips in mind, it’s time to get in the spirit, hit play on your favorite seasonal classic and make the most of the holiday season at the office!


This online survey was conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of LinkedIn, surveying 1,000 U.S. office professionals ages 18-65, employed full-time, between November 17 and 22, 2017.