How to Use the LinkedIn Notifications Tab to Stay Connected

February 1, 2017

As you may know by now, LinkedIn is rolling out our desktop redesign, which is more intuitive and simplifed to help you be more successful. One of the key changes in the desktop navigation is the addition of a Notifications tab so that you can work smarter and get ahead in your career by easily seeing activity in your network, such as discovering curated job opportunities, seeing when someone likes what you’ve shared on LinkedIn or views your profile, seeing when a connection lists a new position and much more.

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Stay connected with Conversation Starters

Consistent with our mobile app, we’ve added Conversations Starters within notifications to suggest people in your network to reach out to to build relationships, and also give you suggestions on what to say so that reaching out is contextually relevant and personal. For example, you will see suggestions to “Say congrats” when people in your network start a new position or celebrate a work anniversary. Pro tip: Make sure to take the time to personalize your message, this helps build and nurture relationships, and your connection will be more likely to respond.

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Work smarter and be prepared for meetings with Calendar Sync

Enable calendar sync so you can get notifications about who you’re meeting with next so you can better prepare and invite them to connect if they’re not already in your network. After you’ve met, you’ll see a reminder to follow up with them - simply click on the “Follow up” button to send a message directly from the Notifications tab.

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Coming soon, we’ll also have settings that enable you to control your notifications, allowing you to turn off individual notifications, and keep on the ones you do find valuable.

This is part of our series of posts offering you tips on our desktop redesign to help you be more productive and successful. Make sure to subscribe to our blog so you never miss an update. For highlights of our desktop redesign, check out our video overview:

Other posts in the series include the top tips to make the most out of the LinkedIn desktop redesign and how to use the new LinkedIn search. In the next few weeks, we’ll also share tips on editing your profile, controlling your settings and messaging, so stay tuned.