Introducing the LinkedIn Workforce Report

February 3, 2017

It’s difficult to navigate your career if you aren’t aware of the opportunities and obstacles that lay ahead of you.

That’s why we developed the LinkedIn Workforce Report. It’s a new report we’ll publish on a monthly basis that shows you how much hiring is increasing or decreasing across the U.S., cities, and industries; which skills cities need most; and where workers are moving to and from.

So for example, hiring across the U.S. in January was 11.4% higher than January 2016. And oil and energy is the industry that had the biggest spike in hiring in January - 23.3% more than January 2016. That means new jobs are opening up. So if your New Year’s resolution is finding a new job, check out LinkedIn Jobs.

Plus, lots of people are moving to Seattle, Portland, Denver, Austin, and Charlotte. Why? All of those cities share two things in common: they’re cheaper to live in than say New York or San Francisco, and they’re a stone’s throw from the great outdoors.

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These are just a few of the valuable insights the LinkedIn Workforce Report offers that you can use to better navigate your career path. To see all the insights, check out the LinkedIn Jobs Blog.