Recruiting Trends Show Hiring is on a Roll: LinkedIn Workforce Report June 2017

June 2, 2017

Hiring has been very strong in 2017. And that didn’t change one bit in May. Hiring across the U.S. was 2.4% higher in April than April 2016. And seasonally-adjusted hiring (hiring that excludes seasonal hiring variations – like companies hiring less in December due to the holiday season) was 6.4% higher in April than March. That means May toppled April as the month with the most hiring since June 2015. That’s according to our June LinkedIn Workforce Report. If you’re looking for a new gig, check out LinkedIn Jobs

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And there’s one other interesting finding from this month’s Workforce Report: The Bay Area is a talent magnet. But while it still gains more workers than it loses, the net number of workers moving to the region has decreased 17% since February, dropping the Bay Area from #10 to #12 on our list of cities that are gaining the most workers. In comparison, Seattle has seen net migration increase by 2% over the same period. What’s to blame? Cities like Seattle, Portland, Denver, Austin, and Charlotte are booming and they’re cheaper to live in.

Here are the cities San Francisco is gaining workers from:

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For more info, please read the full June LinkedIn Workforce Report.