Support Refugees to Find Economic Opportunities

June 20, 2017

Today is World Refugee Day, a day to honor the strength and courage of millions of refugees and to explore how we can help them achieve a safer, better life for themselves and their families.

A better life for many refugees goes beyond just ensuring the safety of their families. It also includes finding ways to be productive in their new communities. Employment is often the key to that productivity.

At LinkedIn, our vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce and that is why we created our Welcome Talent program in Canada, the United States, and Sweden - supporting refugees in their job search by providing trainings, mentors and access to new skills. To date, Welcome Talent has helped nearly 4,000 refugees.

We can’t do this work alone, and that’s why we rely on our partners and our members - you - to help us achieve our mission.

Take Bassel Ramli, a Syrian-Canadian who took it upon himself to help new refugees living in Canada. His story is a great example of how one person, with the help of his network, has empowered hundreds of refugee job-seekers in finding employment.

As Bassel shared, “It only takes one connection to make a difference.”

Help us share Bassel’s story on LinkedIn and create your own story by finding a volunteer opportunity that supports the refugee community. 

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