The Best Way to Land Your Next Job Opportunity

Professional networking is important for your next job opportunity yet data shows professionals are sometimes lost for words

June 22, 2017

If I told you that almost 80% of LinkedIn members consider professional networking to be important to new job opportunities and career success, you might not be too surprised. But did you know that 70% of people were hired at a company where they had a connection?

Conversations help you build relationships that can ultimately land your next job opportunity, but when was the last time you actually checked in with an old coworker to see how they’re doing, or asked someone you were introduced to at an event to meet for a catch up? If your answer is “I don’t remember,” you’re not alone -- and we have the data to prove it.

We surveyed thousands of professionals around the world on LinkedIn to understand how they feel about networking, what triggers (or prevents) them from doing it and how frequently they’re making connections. Here’s what we found:

Networking attitudes don’t match networking behaviors

While most people agree networking is a good idea and important to career success, the reality is many around the world don’t feel able to stay in touch with their network as regularly as they’d like.

  • 38% globally said they find it hard to stay in touch with their network.

  • The leading cause? Nearly half (49%) globally say it’s because they don’t have enough time.

  • Interestingly, despite the majority (79%) globally agreeing that professional networking is valuable for career progression, less than half (48%) globally say they keep in touch with their network when things are going well in their career.

Tap your connections to find your way in

Don’t underestimate the incredible power of your professional network and a casual conversation. Find the time! Your connections or mutual connections can be key to finding your next job or career opportunity.

  • More than one third (35%) say that a casual conversation on LinkedIn Messaging has led to a new opportunity.

  • What type of new opportunities? Business deals for one. One-quarter of professionals globally have established a new business partnership through having a conversation on LinkedIn Messaging. If you find someone you’re interested in working with, send them a message -- they could wind up as your newest business partner.  

  • Nearly two-thirds (61%) of professionals globally agree that regular online interaction with their professional network can lead to the way in to possible job opportunities. Consider sharing an article, asking a question or reaching out if you’re planning a trip to their home town.

Network your way in -- it can be easy!

Whether you’re reconnecting with a former colleague, searching for a job or looking for a potential candidate, you can start an instant conversation from anywhere on LinkedIn. If you need a conversation starter, LinkedIn shows you career milestones such as a job change, connections in common and many other insights to break the ice. Additionally, we now surface people you know within messaging when you’re looking at a job listing or a company page to help you identify where you have an in.

What are you waiting is the time to message your network and catch up. You never know who will help you find your way in. #TheWayIn


The LinkedIn online survey was conducted February 6th - March 18th 2017 among 15,905 LinkedIn members across 17 countries.