New LinkedIn Features: Reconnect with a Colleague, See Who’s Searching for You, and Fine-tune Your Profile

June 29, 2017

Who says you can’t be productive while at the beach. We know summer vacations are upon us, so here are a few quick and easy updates to give a whirl, so you can get back to that sunblock.

Connection history: Remember when...

Ever wonder when you met someone? We’re making this easy for you with easy access to your connection history. Simply go to a connection’s profile and click on “Contact and Personal Info” to see when you first connected. This is a great way to add some personal detail when you reach out.

LinkedIn search: Who’s checking you out?

Wouldn’t you want to know how you’re being discovered on LinkedIn? Knowing who’s searching for you could be your ticket to finding the internship of your dreams or getting asked to speak at the biggest event in your industry. With Search Appearances, you can see how many people found you in search, as well their companies and job titles. Coming soon you’ll also be able to see the keywords you’re being found for.

Profile customization: Drag and drop to your heart’s content

For those multi-taskers who simultaneously hold multiple current positions, you can now reorder the experience section of your LinkedIn profile just the way you want it. If you’re on a board while doing double duty as a full-time web designer, you choose what shows up first. You can also reorder your volunteer and education sections -- just hover on the right of the position and drag to up or down.

Expanded profile: Show me more

We heard you wanted the expanded profiles on desktop back, so we’ve made it easier now to see an expanded view with all of your connection’s details, including information on past and present positions, Groups joined, and recommendations.

Visual comments: Sometimes words aren’t enough

If your point can be better made with an image, look no further -- now you can add images to any comment you post on LinkedIn. They say a picture IS worth a thousand words.

Quick reply: One click and you’re done

We know how busy things can get during the work day, so to make it easier for you respond to messages in a timely manner we’ve added quick reply suggestions on both desktop and mobile. Simply tap on the reply suggestion when a short and sweet response is all you need.

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