Tuesday Tip: Write a LinkedIn Message that Will Get a Response

June 6, 2017

Nobody likes not hearing back. So make sure to put your best foot forward with these simple tips to make your message a thoughtful one - it could make all the difference in getting you an interview, some advice, or finding your way in to a new opportunity.

Do your homework. Make sure to review the person’s profile before you reach out so you can reference something personal. If you have a mutual connection, mention how you know them. Or if they recently published an article, share your thoughts. And while it may sound simple, don’t forget to introduce yourself and share background on who you are. These personal details will help you find your “in.”

What’s in it for me? Ask yourself if your message answers these questions: how can I be of help to the person I’m reaching out to? What do they gain by engaging with me? Most people are happy to help, but they’re more likely to respond if they can benefit from your interaction as well.

I don’t have all day…No need to dilly dally or be vague about your intentions. Be upfront and lay out exactly what you’re asking for - it saves time for everyone! Please and thank you also go a long way, so don’t forget your manners.

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