Introducing Trending Storylines: Discover trending news and views on LinkedIn

March 22, 2017

As professionals, two of our most valuable assets are time and knowledge. When we go to our news feeds every morning, we want to connect to the stories that matter most to us professionally. We not only want to know what’s being discussed quickly, but also want to get smarter by discovering diverse perspectives and joining the conversation.

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Trending Storylines. Storylines are daily curated interest-based feeds about the most important developing stories in your industry. They help you discover and discuss news, ideas and diverse perspectives from the largest group of professionals, publishers and editorial voices ever assembled.

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Over the past year, we have completely rebuilt the LinkedIn Feed experience. We redesigned it from scratch so you can fully control your feed experience and stay on top of conversations from people you are following and your connections. Now, in addition to your main LinkedIn Feed, you’ll have access to new Trending Storylines.

Trending Storylines is personalized for you by a combination of algorithms and our editorial team. Trending Storylines include multiple perspectives, ranging from relevant Influencers and news publishers to people in your network, so you can quickly access diverse opinions, find new voices to follow and join the conversation. For example, if you work in healthcare, you may see a storyline about a new exciting advancement in biometrics. The storyline may include a perspective shared by a renowned healthcare expert, an article published by a top medical magazine and a post shared by someone you are connected to.

Each storyline will also have a unique hashtag associated with it, making it easy for you to join the conversation and add your own take on the issue. As the conversations evolve, we will continue to ensure you’re seeing the latest perspectives.

In the future, you can also start following people and topics that you discover within storylines and as you do so, your LinkedIn Feed will increasingly reflect your professional interests. For example, if you are interested in machine learning, you will be able to follow this topic and discover new ideas, stories and timely developments in this field.

You can find Trending Storylines on your mobile homescreen under the Trending tab. On desktop, it’s at the top right of the homepage.

Trending Storylines will start to roll out in the U.S. starting today, and will expand to other countries soon.