Tuesday Tips: How to Be a Job Search Ninja on LinkedIn

May 23, 2017

We’ve talked about rockin’ your profile, interview prep and the stealth job search, now let’s talk about how to use the next level job search tools for your job hunt. We’ve got more than 10 million jobs on LinkedIn, so knowing how to filter them down to find the right job for you is important!

1. Find that needle in the haystack. If you’re looking for something specific, make sure to narrow down your desired title and location when searching for a job using filters. This sets up the initial framework for your search. You can search by thousands of job titles, as well as location -- down to the zip code.

  • Jobs Home

2. More the merrier. If you look on the right side of the Jobs tab you’ll notice a set of additional filters that will narrow your search down further, including things like experience level, industry and job function so you can really personalize your search.

  • J Serp

3. Find your “way in.” When you click into a job posting, you may notice a few faces of people in your network up at the top. These connections are people in your immediate LinkedIn network or part of your university alumni network who may be able to make a helpful introduction at the company you’re looking to apply to. Nearly 50% of LinkedIn members have found a job through a mutual connection, so find your way in.

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And don’t forget to leverage the “bonus” features. If you’re logged into LinkedIn, you can set up job search alerts so you don’t have to set up the filters again and be notified when new jobs that fit the bill become available. Our LinkedIn Salary tool can also help guide your search by providing details on the location, industries or companies with compensation details, all you have to do is (privately) share your salary.