Finding Your Way in at One of LinkedIn’s Top Companies

May 25, 2017

Last week, we published our second annual list of Top Companies, looking at where professionals in the U.S. want to work now. The list includes some of the most sought-after companies across a variety of industries, where the talent competition is strong. To help you find your way in, we took a look at where there’s the most opportunity at a handful of our Top Companies.

We analyzed our LinkedIn Premium Business Insights data to learn more about where you can get your foot in the door, and head over to our Jobs blog for the full findings.

If you’re in engineering, sales or marketing, our Top Companies are looking for you.

  • Airbnb is on an engineer hiring spree, they’ve increased headcount in their engineering organization by more than 50%. See current openings here.

  • Amazon has grown its sales department by more than 20% in the past year. Explore open sales roles here.

  • If you’re a marketer who wants to work at Salesforce - you’re in luck! The marketing department grew by nearly 25% in the past year, and they’re still hiring for more than 200 positions right now.

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If you’re looking to join a high growth company, look no further than Amazon. Overall, the company grew nearly 20% in the past year, largely within their operations, engineering and sales organizations. Currently, there are more than 16,000 roles open at the company.

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And if you’re looking to stay a while, the Coca-Cola Company might be a good fit as the average tenure at the company is nearly eight years. There are quite a few departments on the rise within the company, including business development, accounting and marketing.

Be sure you’re making the most out of LinkedIn and follow these tips to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward:

  • Make sure your profile is updated. Your profile is your first impression. Make sure your profile picture is set, your professional and educational info is updated and your summary reflects your professional persona.

  • Check out your connections. Your network is your most powerful professional tool. Take note of connections who work at the company you’re interested in, or work in a related field, and consider reaching out to learn more about what it takes to be a standout candidate.

  • Leverage Open Candidates. There is a series of powerful job search features within LinkedIn, one of them being Open Candidates. Open Candidates allows you to privately signal to recruiters that you’re open to new opportunities, increasing your chances of being discovered.

Now get out there and find your way in to your next play!