Weekly Roundup: Finding Freelance Gigs, Managing your Groups, and Packaging your Sales

May 26, 2017

Before you jump into the long weekend, check out the latest features and tips on how LinkedIn can help you stay ahead of the curve.

In need of a gig? In just 3 years, freelancers are expected to represent 43% of the workforce. If you’re part of this rapidly growing sector and are looking for project-based work rather than, or in addition to, a traditional 9-5 job, give LinkedIn ProFinder a try. From Design to Marketing to Career Coaching gigs, ProFinder can help you connect with consumers and small businesses that are looking for your expertise.

Spread the word. If you’re a manager of a LinkedIn Group, we’ve rolled out some handy updates to make it easier than ever for you to keep your group members in the loop. Send announcements directly from the homepage of your group, and also add in an image and mention other group members. Get more details here.

Seal the deal. If you’re in sales, you know how important the follow-up is to closing the deal. Sending an email full of attachments and links is not only frustrating for your buyer to navigate, but it could wind up being the dealbreaker. This is where PointDrive comes in, a new functionality within Sales Navigator so that you can package up your content in a professional and branded way. The personalized content also looks great on any device. On the seller side, you can track engagement during the deal cycle with details on what content your potential buyers are opening and engaging in.

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