New Year Tips for Reconnecting with your Professional Network: LinkedIn Career Expert Series

January 5, 2017

The New Year sets the tone for things to come, and what better way to ring in the New Year than reconnecting with your professional network so that you remain top of mind. You never know who will share valuable perspectives, offer advice, or open doors. Taking the time to get back in touch with a former boss, colleague or professor has the potential to open up new opportunities.

Here are a few ways that LinkedIn can help you get started:  

1. Break the ice with conversation starters in LinkedIn Messaging

Ready to reach out but not sure what to say? Conversation starters within messaging on the LinkedIn Mobile App can help. Simply open a message and tap the lightbulb icon to find ways to break the ice. Suggestions include congratulating your connection on a new job or reconnecting over a shared connection.

Make sure to take the time to personalize your message. For example, instead of saying “Congrats on the work anniversary!,” congratulate them and ask how things are going or if they’re working on any exciting projects. Asking questions and giving personal context gives people a jumping off point to respond.

2. Start conversations around the updates and articles shared in your feed

Your LinkedIn Feed helps you stay informed by showing relevant news and updates about your industry and network. It can also help you stay connected to what your network is reading and posting. Join the conversation by commenting on updates from people in your network, posting news on relevant industry happenings, and sharing posts with connections via LinkedIn messaging. Your feed is the perfect place to engage and reconnect over shared interests.

3. Stay in touch regularly

Reconnecting with people in your professional world shouldn’t just be a one-time thing, it's all about building and nurturing your relationships ongoing so that they are more inclined to help when you need it. Keep in touch on a regular basis, regardless of whether you’re looking for a new opportunity. Also, consider setting up a group on LinkedIn Messaging where you can share articles or insights.

Pro tip: Mark conversations as unread so you don’t forget to respond, and archive messages that don’t require any further action.

With your LinkedIn community behind you, the challenges of the professional world will be decidedly less daunting.

It’s 2017. This could be the start of building valuable professional relationships. #StartSomething