Find Your Next Job by Quietly Signaling You’re Open to New Opportunities

October 27, 2017

One year ago, we introduced a feature called Open Candidates, which gives job seekers an easy way to quietly signal to recruiters that they’re open to new opportunities. This is a win-win for recruiters and job-seekers alike, as interested candidates get contacted for relevant opportunities and recruiters can search a pool of job seekers looking for a new challenge.

This has been — and will continue to be — a huge part of helping millions of our members connect with opportunity.

The response we’ve seen since October 2016 is remarkable, and today we’re excited to share that more than 10 million LinkedIn members are currently open to new opportunities through their use of Open Candidates.

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Since its introduction, Open Candidates has driven incredible value for everyone using the feature, and the proof is in the data. For job-seekers, simply turning on your Open Candidates signal makes you twice as likely to receive relevant messages from recruiters, and for recruiters, Open Candidates are twice as likely to respond.

In the last year, job seekers that have shown they are open to new opportunities have received many opportunities from recruiters to change their career. And this is only the beginning. We’re working hard to make the Open Candidates feature more effective.

First, we’ve made it super easy to turn on your Open Candidates signal. On your LinkedIn profile you can now let recruiters know you’re open in the Career Interests section within Your Dashboard (remember, only you can see this section and we never display that you’re an Open Candidate on your public profile!)

Once you navigate to Career Interests, we’re now helping you get contacted for opportunities that fit exactly what you’re looking for. We ask you what specific job titles you’re open to, what cities you’d want to work in, and how soon you’re looking for your next opportunity. Tell us what your dream job is and we’ll make sure recruiters know about it.

And that’s not all; on the horizon are a bunch of new features to make Open Candidates a one-stop shop for your job search. Coming soon are personalized suggestions to help you improve your profile, as well as unique insights on how much attention you’re getting from recruiters.  

We’re excited about the future of Open Candidates and hope you all are too.