Tuesday Tip: Reconnecting in the New Year

January 2, 2018

We all have a running list of people we’ve been meaning to follow up with or have been hoping to reach out to. The New Year is a great time to rekindle some of those conversations. Whether you’re looking to just catch up, discuss new opportunities, or share professional learnings, here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Join conversations right from your feed: A simple way to reconnect is by commenting on updates from people in your network. See an interesting conversation? Add a comment with your thoughts or share a great article you read on 2018 trends with your connections via LinkedIn Messaging. Make sure to also follow the topics, people, and companies that interest you so that you see these updates in your feed the next time you visit. Your feed is the perfect place to engage and reconnect over shared interests.

  • Get back in touch: Start an instant conversation from anywhere on LinkedIn. This is particularly handy if you’re checking your notifications and see that your former boss is celebrating a work anniversary, for example. Take a moment to send a quick note of gratitude for what you’ve learned from her or sharing how your career has progressed can be a great way to maintain a relationship with someone you respect and care about.

Reconnecting with people in your professional world shouldn’t be a one-time thing. It only takes a few minutes to get back in touch, get started today!