Whatever Inspires and Drives You, We’re In It Together

January 8, 2018

Why do you commute several hours every day, take that extra class in the evening, pick up a side hustle, and go out of the way to help an old colleague? Something drives you. 

Every one of us has our own motivations, our own inspiration and our own distinct notion of what constitutes success. In other words, we’re all in it for very different reasons. And we’re all at different points on our journey. Some of us feel on the right track, for others, success feels very far away.

A few months ago, we started asking ourselves and our members “what are you in it for?” “It” is work and everything associated with work, and the answers are as unique as the over 500 million members on LinkedIn. For some, the answer is a sense of purpose; for others, a deep passion. For some, it is a way to give back; for others, a much more pragmatic desire to provide. Regardless of the motivation or reason, no one wants to go it alone. Whatever you’re in it for, you want to know there is a community of people to help, support, inspire and push you.

That community is LinkedIn, professionals from every walk of life, with incredibly varied backgrounds, experiences and motivations. We’ve spent time capturing the stories of some of these people on LinkedIn and their individual stories:

Antoine Troupe says he should be a statistic, but dance helped him escape. He’s in it to do what he loves, and is building a business to help other dancers find their same power.

Kris Escajeda didn’t let a lack of soundboards, experience or connections prevent him from becoming a next-level DJ. He’s in it to break new-sound barriers and connect with his own musical tribe. Kris is in it to pioneer.

Brisa Lopez arrived in this country with passion, energy and her grandmother’s recipes. She left her marketing career to pursue her love of cooking. She focused on building a successful network and is now owner of Casa de Brisa Catering, She’s is in it to be her own boss.

Colleen Schneider admits she might not have made the best career choice when she set aside her physics degree to become a mixed martial artist. But, ultimately, Colleen’s driven by a challenge and she’s in it to inspire others.

Eszylfie Taylor experienced years of rejections cold calling prospects, but believes he developed an incredible resilience and appreciation for the value of relationships. Today, as a successful financial planner, he’s in it to share the wealth with others.

Antoine, Kris, Brisa, Colleen and Eszylfie are real people on their own journeys who rely on meaningful connections with others to learn from, to find opportunity, to expand. And to succeed on their very own terms and by their very own definitions.

As you answer what you are in it for, we hope you find inspiration and connection with the other members on LinkedIn ready to move forward with you.

Whatever you’re in it for. We’re in it together.