The LinkedIn 2018 Top Companies Share How to Ace an Interview

March 21, 2018

We just unveiled the third annual LinkedIn Top Companies list, spotlighting the most sought-after companies in the world where professionals want to work. This list is the only ranking of its kind based entirely on the actions of over half a billion professionals.

We know that more than 6 million professionals applied to jobs at the LinkedIn Top Companies* this year, so how do you make the cut? We asked some of the Top Companies in the United States to reveal what makes a candidate stand out. Whether you are looking for a new job, or just interested in polishing your professional skills, here’s advice from the most sought-after companies in the country.

Embrace Your Experience

Don’t fret if you don’t have a typical career trajectory or a degree from an esteemed university. Companies like Tesla and Airbnb prefer candidates from diverse backgrounds with a proven track record of success and soft skills like an ability to adapt, innovate, and inspire. Box even removed four-year degree requirements for candidates. Whatever it may be, embrace your current work experience as an asset and showcase how your non-traditional experience and skills are transferable.

Connect with the Company’s Mission

When you show up for your interview, the company’s mission should be your second language — if not your first. WeWork doesn’t hire solely based on skills; they want employees who are mission-driven and who will find purpose in what they do. Speak their language, understand their goals and ask how your work will impact the broader mission and values. It’s a great way to show your strategic chops and your ability to think big. Not sure how to find a mission that you can get on board with? Follow companies on LinkedIn to discover work that inspires you and companies that you want to be a part of.  

Put People First

Colleagues and customers are top of mind for the Top Companies — they want employees who excel at teamwork and who are willing to work hard for their customers. Goldman Sachs says they are looking for employees who can connect with their clients on a personal level. Salesforce says that commitment to “ohana,” which means family in Hawaiian, drives their culture. To demonstrate your people skills, share examples of your abilities to collaborate, communicate and listen to others. Before the interview, check LinkedIn for connections you have at the company to ask about their culture.

Check out the 2018 LinkedIn Top Companies list to find open positions at these companies and discover why they are the most desirable among today’s professionals.

LinkedIn Top Companies List Methodology

The Top Companies list is a part of the LinkedIn List franchise, which celebrates companies and individuals making an impact in the professional world, and it spotlights the companies that attract and retain top talent globally. The list is fueled by the billions of actions of our more than 540 million members to unveil where professionals really want to work and stay and looks at data including job seeker reach and interest, engagement, and retention paired with an editorial lens. *For fairness, we have removed LinkedIn and Microsoft from consideration for the LinkedIn Top Companies list as we do with all other lists in this editorial franchise.