All About Success: A Conversation with Issa Rae and Chelsea Handler

March 8, 2018

Your career, and how you define success, is always evolving. The same holds true for actress Issa Rae and entertainer Chelsea Handler.

LinkedIn recently caught up with Issa and Chelsea to have a discussion about their own personal journeys to success -- which are wildly different despite being in the same industry -- and what they’re in it for. In fact, their journeys to success are as varied as your own. But the one thing that is constant (regardless of if you’re a celebrity or not) is that together, with the people around you, you can achieve your own definition of success.

The discussion, moderated by LinkedIn’s Chip Cutter, shed light on two different journeys to success in the same industry and how achieving their goals has a different meaning for each of them.   

Issa spoke about her inspiration, her drive, and her belief that , “Success is a moving goal post. I celebrate the moment and keep it pushing."

Chelsea shared insights on how to take your passions and make a future out of them, “You can make a career out of anything. All that matters is that you care deeply about what you’re doing.”

Watch more highlights from the conversation and be sure to share what you’re in it for, because ultimately, we’re all #InItTogether.