We’re in it together

September 17, 2018

Earlier this year, we invited people all over the world—more than 575+ million LinkedIn members—to join us in a conversation about what drives them. Each of us has our own unique definitions of success, our own motivations, and our own inspirations. We’re all in it for different reasons.

Yet there is a common thread that runs through our professional journeys: whatever your version of success, everyone needs other people to help them get there and to support, inspire and encourage them along the way.

On LinkedIn, we see a diverse community of members coming together to help each other every day. A message of encouragement that lifts spirits on a tough day, valuable career advice from a mentor that changes the course of a career, a referral that opens the door to that next job. None of us get there alone.

We’ve spent the past few months capturing stories of members who have leaned on the LinkedIn community to support them in their professional journeys.

Sharrica Miller is a nurse and foster youth advocate. She’s in it to speak for those who can’t. Sharrica uses LinkedIn to connect with other foster youth advocates, and bring awareness to issues they are dealing with.

Architect Branka Knezevic is in it to make beautiful things. She connects with mentors, builders, and clients on LinkedIn to develop new ideas, to perfect her craft.

Aerospace software engineer Victor Luo is in it to explore. He follows hashtags on LinkedIn to learn from others, to stay current with his industry and keep up with technology trends. In his career, he’s learned that the more help people can get from others, the more successful they will be.

De’mond Singleton is in it to save the day. He’s a military veteran and IT systems analyst who uses LinkedIn groups to get support from others who have transitioned out of the military.

Filmmaker Gabrielle Gorman is in it to tell stories that matter. For her LinkedIn has made the film industry more accessible. She connects with people on LinkedIn who help her grow in her field, and has built a network of directors and producers who connect her to opportunities.

Sharrica, Branka, Victor, De’Mond and Gabrielle are each on their own career journeys, and their professional communities are with them each step of the way.

Whatever your version of success, know that you’re not in it alone. There’s a community of LinkedIn members who are ready and willing to help.

We would love to continue the conversation. Share what you’re in it for, and tag someone who has helped you along the way with the hashtag #inittogether.

Whatever you’re in it for, we’re in it together.