Spark Deeper Conversations with Document and Presentation Upload Ability

April 2, 2019

Using different types of documents and presentations in our day-to-day jobs can help share information, capture insights, and break down complex topics. Whether it’s sharing slides from a conference you spoke at or a playbook with best practices, these conversations can help you navigate your work life and be more successful.

To help, we’ve now added the ability for all members to upload documents and presentations such as PDFs and PowerPoints directly to your feed, in a group, or to your LinkedIn Page, where people can read and comment, sparking further discussion.

  • document upload

Documents and presentations are an impactful way to share knowledge with your community and ignite richer conversations on topics you care about. From conference presentations and whitepapers to case studies and playbooks, sharing presentations is a great way to break down complex ideas, tell stories by combining words and images, and allow you to go deeper.

Since we started rolling out this feature, we’ve seen some creative and useful examples from members and organizations posting documents and presentations  that have ignited thoughtful conversations. Check out some great ones:

Gabe shares sales knowledge in a visual format with his LinkedIn community:

Andry posts the introduction to his book on machine learning:

HubSpot shares tips on storytelling for brand marketers:

Ready to post a document or presentation? Here’s how:

  • Tap the document icon on the share box on your desktop feed and choose a document or presentation from your computer to upload.
  • Write a quick description to explain what you’re sharing. Use hashtags related to the topic and @mentions, these can help it be surfaced to the right people.
  • Take a moment to make sure you’re happy with how your document or presentation looks, select who you’d like to share with (anyone on LinkedIn, a group you’re part of, or just your connections), and then hit post. You’re all set!
  • For even more tips, check out this presentation from our team.

The ability to post documents and presentations on LinkedIn is available globally to all LinkedIn members and Pages on desktop, and will be coming to our mobile app soon.

We’re always looking for new ways to help you have valuable conversations, and look forward to seeing how you use this new feature to share ideas and learn from one another.

Co-Authors: Margaret TaorminaSteven Chow

Team Acknowledgements: Maria Iu, Frankie Ikwuazom, Cathy Stolitzka, Alex Wei, Pengfei Li, Valerie Tching, Paul Chavarria, Danish Arshad , Amol Chandla , Napat Luevisadpaibul, Nicholas Eidler, Claire Zhang , Benjamin Silver , Rustin Manafian, Jack Huang, Bao-Long Nguyen-TrongLong Nguyen