LinkedIn Has Millions of Jobs and the Right One for You

April 22, 2019

Today’s workforce is changing, and it’s a great time to find the right job for you out of the millions on LinkedIn. Generation Z is stepping into their first jobs, while baby boomers are putting off retirement, but no generation in recent history is making more of an impact on today’s work culture than millennials. Not only are millennials the largest group in today’s workforce, they’re also the fastest growing segment on LinkedIn by three times and are two times more likely to change jobs than any other generation. The majority (75%) of them would choose to work, even if they didn’t have to.

Millennials are redefining career goals by prioritizing values (52%), skills (50%) and flexibility (41%) over paychecks (34%). They’re reevaluating what’s important -- in fact, the majority of millennials (64%) say a good job is one they’re proud to talk about.

Whether you’re a part of this change-making generation or just inspired by their pursuit of fulfillment and meaning at work, now is a great time to find the right job for you. Not only does LinkedIn have millions of jobs -- from entry-level to executive and culinary to corporate -- we also have the community to help you find the right one. A hire is made every eight seconds on LinkedIn, so here are tips to make sure you are prepared every step of your job search.

  1. Define Your Values: Ask yourself, what are you ‘in it’ for? Why do you do what you do? Knowing this answer is crucial to finding the right job for you. Once you have thought this through, use it to write your ideal job description. It’s a practice that some companies are starting to enlist to attract top talent. Take travel product company Away, for example, which challenges job seekers to “Name Your Job.”

  2. Explore Jobs on LinkedIn: Take advantage of LinkedIn’s job search filters to narrow your search by industry, function and experience, and then use the open search box to add key phrases to find the right job for you. If you are one of the 41% of professionals that say a good job is one that offers the flexibility of not having to sit at a desk from 9-to-5, this "Work From Home” position at Wayfair could be for you. Discovering new jobs on LinkedIn has never been easier with Instant Job Notifications, Job Title Highlights and Salary tools.

  3. Make Sure You Shine Through: More than just a resume, your LinkedIn profile creates a great opportunity to make yourself stand out. After you’ve thought about what you’re ‘in it’ for, use the summary section to share a little bit more about yourself and what makes you unique as a professional. It’s one of the top things the 2.8 million recruiters using LinkedIn every day look at when viewing your profile.

  4. Connect With People in Your Network Who Can Help: Take a good look at your LinkedIn community to see if you have any connections who work at companies that interest you. These professionals can be key in helping you find -- and land -- the job you want. Professionals on LinkedIn are 4x more likely to get a call with a recruiter -- and 9x more likely to get hired -- when they’ve been referred by a connection than if they apply without a referral.

With millions of jobs available on LinkedIn, find one meant for you. #InItTogether