Start Your Job Search With the 2019 LinkedIn Top Companies

April 3, 2019

Top Companies

There are over 20 million jobs available on LinkedIn right now, and if you’re in the market for a new job, you’re in luck. The just-announced LinkedIn Top Companies list is your cheat sheet for identifying the 50 most sought-after employers in the U.S.

The list examines billions of actions on the platform to identify the top 50 companies to work for in the U.S. This year’s list features a wide range of industries including entertainment companies like Netflix (No. 11), Spotify (No. 14) and Disney (No. 17); financial services from banks to blockchain, including Goldman Sachs (No. 21), Citi (No. 22) and Coinbase (No. 35); and advertising holding companies, including Interpublic Group (No. 31), Publicis Groupe (No. 34) and WPP (No. 37). There are also a wide range of companies with the “tech” moniker, from tech stalwarts like Oracle (No.9) and Dell Technologies (No. 10) to share-economy players Airbnb (No. 8), The We Company (No. 13) and Lyft (No. 19).

Many, if not all, of the Top Companies are growing rapidly: expanding their workforces, opening new offices around the country and seeking individuals with new skill sets.

Here are the top 10 companies* on the 2019 LinkedIn Top Companies list--  and what they’re doing to attract job seekers:  

  1. Alphabet is spending $13 billion to expand it's reach into 14 new U.S. states, where it will hire tens of thousands of new employees this year.

  2. Facebook has 100% pay equity for female employees in the U.S. and globally.

  3. Amazon raised its minimum wage in November to $15 per hour for all employees and expanded its 401(k) contributions to include part-time and seasonal workers.

  4. Salesforce offers opportunity to workers without a college degree, including roles for a Senior Marketing Specialist and a Senior Lead Content Writer.

  5. Deloitte actively invests in its employees by incentivizing them to pitch big, ambitious ideas in the Startup Deloitte program.

  6. Uber is fostering internal mobility, encouraging more than 3,000 employees to transfer to a different role in the company in 2018.

  7. Apple plans to create 20,000 new jobs over the next five years across its existing campuses and an all-new $1billion campus planned for Austin.

  8. Airbnb encourages its employees to get out of the office and into the world with $500 in employee travel credits each quarter, which roll over if not used.

  9. Oracle offers technology job opportunities to workers outside of Silicon Valley; over 90% of its employees are based outside of its San Francisco headquarters.

  10. Dell Technologies prides itself on its flexible workplace policy, which collectively saves U.S. employees 136 million miles of travel a year.

If you’re eager to get your foot in the door, here’s advice straight from the folks who actually do the hiring -- recruiters at the Top Companies:

  • Be prepared to answer outside-the-box questions. Read through the job description and research articles from hiring managers that describe what they might ask in an interview. For example, if you’re interviewing at The We Company (No. 13), you may be asked, “What is your superpower?” The company believes everyone has individual superpowers and candidates are at their best when they can apply their unique gifts in their daily professional lives.

  • Embody a growth mindset -- it’s today’s problem solver. Box (No. 43) is interviewing jobseekers with two key qualities: excellent collaboration skills and a focus on progress. “People with a growth mindset believe that, even if they don’t know the answer, they can work to figure it out,” says Tiffany Stevenson, Box’s Global Head of Talent.

  • Spotlight your skills -- college degrees and certificates are important, but not always essential. Not every job at a Top Company requires a college degree. Salesforce (No. 4) has more than 4,000 open roles across the U.S. with several that do not require a college degree, including openings for a Senior Marketing Specialist or Senior Lead Content Writer, where a combination of hard skills like sales experience and soft skills like teamwork are requirements for the roles.

  • Be authentic and self-aware. At Netflix (No. 11), self-awareness, candor and feedback help every employee be more effective. Candidates will be asked for examples of feedback they’ve received and given in the workplace. The company values people who show up as their authentic selves and are honest about where they excel and where they need to grow.

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*For fairness, we have removed LinkedIn and Microsoft from consideration for the LinkedIn Top Companies list as we do with all other lists in this editorial franchise.

LinkedIn Top Companies Methodology:

The Top Companies list is fueled by the billions of actions taken by 610M+ members on the platform over the past year. The editorial team at LinkedIn analyzes member actions through four main criteria: reach, engagement, job interest and retention. LinkedIn’s global editorial team also publishes the Top Companies lists in Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Brazil, China, Japan and Australia.