New Tools to Build Your Community and Grow Your Career on LinkedIn

December 9, 2019

On LinkedIn, we want to connect you to people, ideas and skills that help you grow your career or business. 

We’re always working on new ways to to do this. Here are a few of the most recent updates.

New ways to engage with your community and content 

On LinkedIn, talking with others and staying informed on the topics and conversations that matter to you is key to building relationships and professional growth. We’re always working on new ways to do this. Here are some of the latest:

  • Take your online community offline: With LinkedIn Events, you can organize professional events and bring together people with similar interests to further build your network. Create private events for people you’re close with, or public events for a larger group of people you want to get to know better. Learn how to create your own event.

  • Recognize your teammates: Did someone go above and beyond to help you get a project done? Want to publicly welcome a new colleague to the team? Celebrate team moments using the share box on your LinkedIn homepage. Learn how to post a team moment. 

  • Save the best for later: When you find an interesting post on your LinkedIn feed, you can save and reference it later. Save articles, documents, infographics, and videos that can help prepare you for an important meeting, conversation with your boss, weekend chat with your parents or even that next job interview. Learn how to save posts

  • Add people to group messages: Have you ever been in the middle of a conversation and wish you could teleport someone in? You can now easily @ mention someone you’re connected to in a LinkedIn group message to add them to the thread. Learn how to @ mention in messages.

  • Group messaging

Stand out from the crowd 

Whether it’s landing your next business opportunity or attracting recruiters, best represent yourself and showcase your expertise to the world through these new features. 

  • Get discovered for your services: Do you offer writing services, sell real estate or are you a freelance accountant who’s open for business? Let your network know by listing services on your profile. Get discovered by potential clients when they search for those services. Learn how to showcase your services.

  • Get recommendations for services you need: If you’re on the hunt for a particular service, your network can help. Ask your network for recommendations on service providers with a templated post, and let those referrals roll in. Learn how to find an expert.

  • Find an expert
  • Spotlight your skills: Validate your skills by taking a skill assessment and showcase your proficiency. If you pass a skill assessment, you’ll have the option to add a “verified skill” badge to your profile. By doing so, you’ll be discoverable to opportunities and recruiters. Learn how to take a skill assessment.

We hope these new features help you be more productive and successful, and we’re always open to suggestions to improve your experience on LinkedIn.