Add a LinkedIn Account Settings Check-up to Your To-do List

June 6, 2019

Manage Settings

Spring and Summer are popular times for tidying up and regaining control over what sparks joy after a busy fall and winter. This year, consider adding an online check-up to your to-do list to make sure the data you share online is being protected. On LinkedIn, we make it simple for you to control things like updating your password, adjusting who can view your profile, managing your data, and reviewing your account preferences.

  • Settings

To access your LinkedIn account settings on your desktop, click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown. On mobile, you can access your settings by first viewing your profile and then clicking the settings icon in the top right corner. You have four tabs to help you easily view and modify your account:

  1. Account tab - allows you to manage your account settings, such as adding email addresses, changing your password or language, and other account management options.

  2. Privacy tab - covers privacy and security settings related to what can be seen about you, how information can be used, and downloading your data.

  3. Ads tab - helps you to control the information that LinkedIn uses to show you relevant ads by adjusting your account’s ads settings.

  4. Communication tab - houses your preferences for how LinkedIn and other parties are able to contact you, and how frequently you'd like to hear from us.

We want you to have peace of mind whenever you’re on LinkedIn, seeking out the next big job, making a professional connection, or learning new skills. Thanks for working with us to keep your account safe, secure, and just the way you want it.