Learn How to Report Unprofessional Behavior: How-to Videos Now in Multiple Languages

May 13, 2019

When you use LinkedIn to find jobs, learn skills and make connections we recognize you need to feel comfortable, confident and in control of how you engage with other members. Our Community Policies make it clear that there is simply no room for unprofessional behavior on LinkedIn.

This includes a clear no-tolerance policy for harassment on LinkedIn, in whatever form it can take -- unkind words, unwanted romantic advancements, hate speech or bullying. We use a combination of technical and human measures to detect harmful content and when we find it we take action. We encourage you to report it, too.

To help you understand how to report inappropriate behavior, we encourage you to visit our LinkedIn Safety Center or watch this video, which is now available in five languages: English, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.

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We appreciate your help in keeping LinkedIn a safe, trusted and professional community for everyone.