Find the Job Meant for You on LinkedIn

May 20, 2019


We all have a driving force behind where we choose to spend half of the waking hours in our adult lives. Whether that’s purpose and passion for the work, having work life balance, or simply making the paycheck - our jobs play an important role in our daily lives.

No matter what that force is, with millions of jobs and 600 million members, LinkedIn is uniquely able to connect people with the opportunities they’re looking for. From entry-level to C-suite. From project manager to graphic designer. LinkedIn has a breadth of jobs meant for everyone out there.

Over the past few months, we’ve spent time capturing stories of some of our amazing members who have found their jobs on LinkedIn, allowing them to share how their jobs align with their values, passions and aspirations.

Hilary found a job that lets her improve people’s lives. Hilary always wanted a career that helps people and drives change. She searched for jobs on LinkedIn, and found one that aligned with her mission and goals. After applying and landing the job, Hilary is in a position to help drive change and move the needle.

Rohit found a job that gave him a broader view. Rohit has always been curious and believes in continuously learning to grow as an individual. Outside of work as an engineer, he has many passions, including cooking at a restaurant and taking pottery classes. When Rohit was looking for a new engineering manager job, he searched on LinkedIn and applied for a job that would support his passions outside of work. After a recruiter reached out to him, Rohit landed the right job that allows him work life balance to pursue his passions.

Aaron found a job that lets him connect people. He has always wanted the deaf and hard-of-hearing community to have access to the same opportunities as everyone else. He currently works in sales for a company that provides accessible video conferencing software. He got his job after a hiring manager discovered his profile on LinkedIn.

Lauren found a job that lets her blaze new trails. As one of the youngest women to become a full-time trader at the New York Stock Exchange at the time she was hired, Lauren broke into finance by meeting as many people as she could. Lauren searched for jobs on LinkedIn, and was referred into her equity trader job through a connection on LinkedIn.

Curtis found a job that that let him build a better community. Curtis never thought he’d leave Phoenix, but his husband had a dream to move across the country. He started searching for jobs on LinkedIn and found a marketing position for a nonprofit called Civic Hall. After applying for the job, Curtis sent a personal statement to the hiring manager, who interviewed and hired Curtis within days.

These are the stories of real LinkedIn members who found their jobs on LinkedIn through job searches, referrals from their LinkedIn connections, and messages from recruiters.

With millions of jobs on LinkedIn, find one that’s meant for you. Check out to get started. Whatever you’re in it for, we’re in it together.