Planning an in Person Professional Gathering Just Got Easier With LinkedIn Events

October 15, 2019

One of the most important aspects of building professional relationships for our members is being able to meet face to face. Whether at a local networking meet-up, a workshop or an alumni gathering, in-person interactions can help you create and foster deeper professional relationships. In fact, our data says that the chances of people accepting connection requests on LinkedIn increase 2X if they have attended a face-to-face meeting.

To help you plan your next face-to-face professional gathering, we’re launching LinkedIn Events for members across the globe. With LinkedIn Events, you’ll be able to seamlessly create and join professional events, invite your connections, manage your event, have conversations with other attendees, and stay in touch online after the event ends.

Ready to plan an event? 

Hosting an event can seem daunting, but we’ve made the process easier by giving you features such as the ability to create private events, event update notifications, search filters to invite the right attendees, and the ability to engage with LinkedIn’s 645 million global members. 

You can begin by visiting the ‘Community’ panel located on the left side of the newsfeed and click +Create. Next, you would need to provide a description, a date and time, a venue, and then invite your connections using filters such as location, company, industry, and school. We also recommend you share the event as a post to leverage the power of the feed to reach relevant attendees. From your event page, you can easily track attendees and invitees, post updates and interact with other attendees. LinkedIn’s algorithm automatically provides timely and relevant notifications to attendees to make sure they don’t miss any important updates about your event. Members who have joined the event can also invite people from their own networks to attend.

  • Global Events on your LinkedIn profile

Create an event by visiting the Community panel on the left side of your newsfeed

Looking for relevant professional events?

As a member, you can now find professional events on LinkedIn itself. See invites in your ‘My Network’ tab, view the event and choose to attend from there. Discover the events shared by your network in your LinkedIn feed. Once you have chosen to attend an event, you can see the details of who else is going and connect with other attendees. Share updates, photos and videos with other attendees on a dedicated event page and in your main feed. You can now continue to interact with other attendees and organizers both during and after the event.

  • Events layout

You can create an event by visiting the Community panel located on the left side of the newsfeed

  • Events layout member experience

Members can invite guests using search filters

LinkedIn Events will be available to all members over the next few days, starting with English-speaking markets first. Learn more about how to plan an event through our help center

What we’ve heard so far

We’ve been working on our events product for a while now to get it just right before we rolled it out to everyone. Over the past year, we ran a pilot program in key metropolitan cities across the globe, and here is what we’ve heard:

“What I really like about LinkedIn Events is the fact that I can plan an event with my network and not be required to go to another platform to organise the event,” says Michael Quinn, senior manager at EY in Washington, adding, “I’ve organised events all across the country and LinkedIn Events made it incredibly easy for me to market those events and invite my connections local to that specific location. Since I was sharing the event through a post, it also enabled my network to share the event with people they felt would be interested in attending.”
“LinkedIn Events has really helped boost the attendance and awareness of my events. It has attracted 2nd tier connections to the event that I otherwise would not have known, and it has allowed others to connect and grow their networks prior to the event. It has allowed for discussions beforehand which I think has helped Interested attendees to then attend the event, where they are in a position to know more and what to expect from the people who are coming,” says Anna McAfee, a community creator and educator, and a pioneer of the LinkedIn Local events. 

We hope the new Events feature provides you with even more opportunities to nurture your professional relationships offline. Be sure to check back here for more ways to build your LinkedIn community.