Finding News on LinkedIn

October 22, 2019

Keeping tabs on industry news and trending stories can be essential to your day-to-day work. Knowing what is going on in the world, and hearing expert opinions on that news, can make you work smarter and help you have more engaging conversations with your colleagues. 

But time is limited in a busy work schedule. When looking for news, we not only want to know what’s being discussed quickly, but also want to get smarter by discovering diverse perspectives and joining the conversation. That’s why we have a number of ways for you to find news on LinkedIn and made it even easier to join the conversation. 

The Daily Rundown

Each morning, a team of LinkedIn Editors publish the Daily Rundown to make sure you start your day with top professional news, trends and career tips. We are rolling out a new look for our Daily Rundown. Now, you can more easily move between each story and dive deeper into the ones that interest you the most. Want to share your perspective on a piece of news? Clicking on one of the headlines within the Rundown will show you relevant conversations members are already having. In fact, over a third of the posts we see from our members are related to "info and ideas." By joining one of these conversations you’ll ensure your views are reaching the right people. 

  • Daily Rundown on LinkedIn

If you want us to send you a notification each day, just be sure you have the Linkedin Mobile app and have opted in for notifications using the Communication > News setting. The Daily Rundown is currently available to members in the U.S.,  U.K., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, India, China, Japan, France, Netherlands, Pan Asia, Pan Europe. It will soon be available in MENA. You can learn more on our help center.

Today’s News and Views

While The Daily Rundown helps you start your day with the top professional news, you can continue to see how these stories evolve by visiting the ‘Today’s news and views’ feature.  This feature not only helps you stay informed about important news and trends affecting your work-life but also provides you with conversations and perspectives from other members. These news stories and selected member posts  are surfaced by our news editors.

  • LinkedIn News

If you are on desktop, you’ll see these storylines on the right hand side of your main feed. If you are on mobile, simply click into your search bar to see a list of the latest news and views. 


We are always exploring new ways to help our members start and join relevant conversations on topics they care about. As part of this, we recently kicked off a pilot program where you can subscribe to regularly published articles written by thought leaders. For example, you can learn about landing your next job in the Get Hired newsletter, or how others have reached their professional goals in The Hustle

You can subscribe to a Newsletter by clicking the Subscribe button, which can be found on the notification you receive about a newsletter, in your feed when you seen an article that is part of a newsletter, or on the article within the newsletter you want to follow. You can also discover relevant newsletters by visiting your Network Tab under Newsletters Related To Your Industry. Learn more about newsletters here

These are just a few of the new ways you can quickly find and engage with the latest industry news - right on LinkedIn. We hope these will help you get ahead in your day to day work as well as make it even easier to join the conversation. Be sure to check back here for more tips to help you have more productive, meaningful conversations and build quality professional connections that can help you as your career continues to grow.