What Are You Searching For?

October 27, 2019

What are you searching for? When it comes to your career, it’s one of the biggest questions you might ask yourself.

It could be that you’re searching for your dream job, fulfilling ambitions that you’ve held since you were a child. Or, it could simply be that you want to cut down the hours spent commuting every day, spending more time with your family or creating a better work-life balance.

Our new jobs-focused brand campaign - the latest iteration of our global In It Together initiative, which went live across the UK this week - features real LinkedIn members pondering what they are searching for. The answers to that question, it turns out, are as varied as our 645M strong global community on LinkedIn.

In our first ever UK TV ad, you’ll see an array of stories from LinkedIn members across the country, detailing the heartfelt, honest and (sometimes) amusing reasons for starting a job search, and how that search resulted in them finding a job on LinkedIn. 

We know from recent research (commissioned by LinkedIn) that a lack of confidence in themselves and their experience are major barriers that hold back job seekers from finding their next role.

That’s why, with this campaign, it was vital for us to demonstrate that not only is LinkedIn the best place to find the right job for you, we’re also a brand and a platform that stands for everyone, whatever your current situation or personal drive. 

It was so important for us to feature real members in this campaign, just as we have been doing for the past few years. By giving them a platform to share their personal stories, we hope to empower other job seekers to go out and find the job that’s right for them.

Our current campaign zooms in on some of these members’ stories as part of the rotation of TV ads we’ll have in the UK over the next seven weeks. Stories like Jake’s - who never felt like he belonged in the corporate world and wanted to make his passion for design a full-time career.

Leah Brier is another one of our members, she was tired of working and renting in the city and, like many young people desperate to move back to her hometown and get herself on the property ladder. LinkedIn allowed her to find a job back home that didn’t compromise what she wanted in her career.

The resounding message from all of this is that whatever you’re searching for in your next job, you can find it on LinkedIn. As the world’s largest professional network, our members not only have access to millions of jobs, but also a vast community of people to provide open and honest advice about the roles they are looking at and how to get them. 

What are you searching for?  

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