Announcing Skill Assessments to Help You Showcase Your Skills

September 17, 2019

We know it’s important to have a way to effectively show the skills you spend time cultivating. In fact, according to new LinkedIn research, 69% of professionals think their skills are more important than college education when job-seeking, and more than 76% wish there was a way for hiring managers to verify their skills so they could stand out amongst other candidates.

  • 76 percent of workers wish they could validate their skills

That’s why we’re we’re excited to roll out LinkedIn Skill Assessments, a new way for you to validate the skills you have. When skills are validated you can showcase your proficiency and become more discoverable to opportunities -- early results show candidates who complete LinkedIn Skill Assessments are significantly more likely (~30%) to get hired.

Each Skill Assessment, whether its Adobe Photoshop to showcase your design skills or Java to land a developer role, is constructed through a rigorous content creation and review process in partnership with LinkedIn Learning industry and subject matter experts. Once candidates have completed an assessment, a badge will be displayed on their profile in LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn Jobs so hirers are able to quickly identify and verify skill proficiency.

Tools that allow me to authentically show people what I can do are valuable. As recruiters sift through applications, I feel my proven skills serve as a point of differentiation and increase my odds of hearing back.” LinkedIn member Carolyn Ye

Show off your skills

Simply scroll to the skill section of your profile and select one of the available Skill Assessments you’d like to take. Any results are kept private to you, and if you pass (in the 70th percentile or above), you will have the option to add a “verified skill” badge to your profile. If you don’t pass, you have complete control over the visibility of their results, and can brush up on your skills so you can pass next time.

  • skill assessment

Sharpen your skills with free Learning Courses 

People, like you, are more committed than ever to learning new skills -- in fact, it’s a number one goal. We also know that you care about understanding how your skills align to what an employer is looking for -- more than two thirds of professionals (68%) said they would assess their competency in a skill before they applied for a job.

That’s why regardless of if you pass an assessment, we’ll outline how you did, and unlock relevant LinkedIn Learning courses for free for a limited time to help improve your skills. This means you can continue to brush up on the skills that you’re interested in to feel more confident and motivated, as well as to set yourself up for the future when it’s time to look for your next opportunity.

Pass Skill Assessment

When you’ve passed an assessment for an in-demand skill we’ll also send you relevant job recommendations as soon as they’re posted.

In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out in-demand assessments globally that you can choose from, spanning from coding languages like C++, to design software like Adobe Photoshop, to everyday business tools like Microsoft Excel. We plan to keep expanding our Skill Assessment portfolio to help you show off your skills and unlock more opportunities.