LinkedIn by the Sea: A Glimpse Into Grimsby’s Future

September 2, 2019

Earlier this summer, I wrote about a new project we have launched in the UK coastal town of Grimsby, a place synonymous with the British fishing industry. Like similar towns across the country, it’s suffered economically in recent times and is looking to   embrace new thinking to open up future employment opportunities for local people. 

In the past few months, we’ve had inspiring conversations with jobseekers, educators, local politicians and the business community. They’ve helped us to better understand what the future of work might look like in a town where, too often, young people currently move away to build their careers and settle down.

It’s clear that optimism abounds and ambitious plans are taking shape. Last year the Government signed the Greater Grimsby Town Deal. Worth £67 million, it is expected to create 8,800 new jobs and nearly 10,000 new homes, bolstering the local economy by £218 million a year to help Grimsby become a prosperous place to work for generations to come.

By helping people connect to the economic opportunities which will come as the town evolves, LinkedIn has a role to play. To get a true sense of what this journey feels like for local people, earlier this year we began to follow four LinkedIn members embarking on important career transitions. 

We’re documenting the beginning of these real-life stories in two short films. They will be live in cinemas in the UK today and across social media this Autumn, and are the first instalments of our work with the local community.

We’ve been working with Darren. He’s a fisherman looking to grow his network and connect with international distributors.

We are also following Chelsey. She works part-time in a local café, but her real passion is helping other people. Chelsey is embarking on a tricky transition from her current job to look for a full-time career as a caregiver.

Like many communities built on traditional industries, Grimsby is embracing the challenge of transforming into a town ready to meet the demands of the modern economy and a changing society. 

And we hope that by following Darren and Chelsey’s developing careers, we’ll gain a glimpse into the town’s wider future. 

Keep an eye on #InItTogether for more information about the project’s progress.