Helping Fill Critical Jobs on the Front Line

April 1, 2020

The global battle we are fighting with this pandemic has shone a light on our local heroes - from the doctors, nurses and medical professionals caring for our sick - to the growers, truckers, warehouse workers, and grocery staff all of whom keep our food and other critical supplies reaching us. As they work around the clock on our front lines, we are committed to doing everything we can to help their respective organizations find the people they need to meet the growing demand for these critical services. 

That’s why starting today, we are making a commitment to help these critical roles get filled as quickly as possible, starting in three key ways. First, we are enabling the sectors that have these urgent hiring needs to post jobs for free on LinkedIn. Hospitals and nonprofits working on Coronavirus disaster relief and essential services (such as supermarkets, package delivery and warehousing companies), can now post new mission critical jobs for free for the next three months. Members with relevant skills will discover these jobs through push notifications, real-time alerts, in the LinkedIn feed, and in job search. Organizations in these sectors can get started today.

Second, we will drive the right talented people with the right skills to these roles by tagging critical frontline healthcare roles, such as doctors and nurses, as urgent and bringing them front and center on the LinkedIn homepage and in our jobs homepage

Urgent hiring needs for the healthcare industry

Finally, we realize that while our platform is the most scalable way to make these matches globally, we also know that talent professionals can help. Last week, we expanded our Recruiting For Good program to deploy our own team of recruiters to source and screen talent for organizations on the front lines so that these organizations can fill urgent paid and volunteer positions. Already more than 100 LinkedIn employees are participating in this program. We’ve also received a very positive response from healthcare providers and nonprofits that we are supporting, including the American Red Cross Los Angeles Region, and we're working quickly to expand globally. As part of these efforts earlier this week, we launched a campaign with the American Red Cross Los Angeles Region to source volunteers to distribute free, prepared meals to students and families impacted by school closures. On the first day alone, we were able to drive more than 2,000 members to visit their volunteer application page. If you need support with urgent hiring please submit a request via this form and we will reach out to determine how we can best partner together.

These are a few ways that we believe we can help. And we’re not stopping here. We are committed to continuing to identify new ways we can support the fight against this global pandemic. The health and well-being of our global communities is our collective priority.