Weekly Trending Skill: Finding Your Most Productive Self

April 29, 2020

Trending Skills

With more than 1.85M hours of time spent on LinkedIn Learning in the second week of April (a more than 3X increase since the first week of January), it’s clear people are finding value in online learning right now. As we mentioned in last week’s blog post Turning to Learning to Adapt to our New Realities, each week we’ll share a skill that’s trending and make related courses available for free.

So, what’s the skill this week? It’s productivity. Not the productivity of managing your to-do list or getting to zero messages in your inbox though (while those are great habits to have).  

Instead, we mean the softer side of productivity, like how to manage your energy and build better routines to improve the quality of your life. It’s about the habits and practices that will help you find your most productive self.

Here are the courses that are trending. We’ve made them free for you through the end of June.

Why might these types of courses be trending now? Mike Vardy, productivity strategist and the Instructor of two of these courses, said “Productivity is about the partnership between intention — what you intend to do – and attention. When that relationship between intention and attention is healthy, you are more capable of staving off overwhelm, dealing with uncertainty, and getting more of the right things done every single day.”  

Interestingly, while these courses are trending across all generations, the number of Boomers and Gen Xers watching increased the most, doubling week-over-week. Whether that’s because these generations in particular are juggling the responsibilities of childcare or adjusting to managing teams from a distance, one thing is for certain: it’s a challenge to adjust to these times of unpredictability. 

You may not feel as productive as you’d like to right now. Or you may feel an expectation to be more productive than what feels humanly possible. Whatever the case may be, know that you’re not alone and that it’s okay to seek guidance as we navigate new routines. We hope these courses help you find balance and efficiency in your new normal.