Introducing New Ways to Get Ready for the Virtual Job Interview

April 30, 2020

Interview Prep with AI Feedback

Job searching is stressful in even the best of times and the impact of coronavirus has made this an especially tough market. If you’re searching for a job right now, we want to help you stand out to recruiters and prepare for your interview -- which most likely will be virtual. So, we have accelerated the launch of two new features to help you put your best foot forward: we are testing a new video introduction feature and adding an artificial intelligence AI-powered instant feedback tool that analyzes speech content and patterns to help you test and refine your interview skills.

Two new tools to help 

We’ve found that 65 percent of people believe that the impression you make online is just as important as the one you make in person, but it can be challenging to show your soft skills to potential employers when you’re not in the same room. To help with that problem, we're testing video introductions: a hiring manager can request an introduction as part of the hiring process, and you can respond by either video or written copy. A carefully crafted response can help you stand out before the official interview process even begins. 

  • AI feedback in Interview Prep

When it comes to the interview, more than 50 percent of people say they lack confidence. To help, we’ve just rolled out AI-powered instant feedback to our interview preparation tools. Our tools help you prepare for some of the most common questions that are asked in the screening process, with access to quality videos and tips by experts and hiring managers on how to answer the most common interview questions. With the new AI feedback feature, once you’ve recorded your practice answers you get an assessment of your answer delivery -- with feedback on pacing, how many times you’re using filler words, and sensitive phrases to avoid. 

This provides an interactive way to practice answers to the commonly asked interview questions in private. Interview prep also gives you the ability to request personal feedback on your practice responses from your connections.

Interview preparation feedback is rolling out globally and can be accessed immediately after you apply for jobs on the LinkedIn jobs home page. 

  • AI Feedback answers interview Prep

Here are a few additional tips to consider as you prepare for a video interview:

  1. Establish a relationship quickly: You don’t have the luxury of small talk on a video call, so it’s important to build a rapport quickly with your interviewer. Be sure to use the first few minutes of the call to establish that personal connection, as this will instantly put you at ease. Check out their LinkedIn page for background information or mutual connections that could provide a good base for conversation.

  2. Find a quiet spot: In this new age of remote working, there’s always the risk of being interrupted by kids asking for help with homework, or housemates wandering into the kitchen to make a sandwich. Let your family or housemates know you have an important interview scheduled so they don’t accidentally walk in on you or make too much background noise.

  3. Check your tech: An obvious but crucial tip: take some time ahead of the interview to make sure the tech works and you know how to use it. If you need help, check out these LinkedIn Learning courses to give you the lowdown on how to use the latest video tools.  

For more tips and expert advice, check out this free LinkedIn Learning path with courses that help you further enhance your digital body language, virtual interview skills, and ways to stay motivated and get closer to landing the job.