What You Need to Know to Get Hired This Month: August 2020

August 17, 2020

Our professional worlds have been turned upside down over the past six months and we’re all looking for insight into how we can adapt, from the skills we should have to who’s actually hiring right now.

Whether your next move is finding a remote job, learning a new skill, or sprucing up your LinkedIn profile, we’re going to be publishing a new monthly series rounding up key LinkedIn insights and expert tips to help you get there.

Keep reading to learn more about in-demand jobs and skills companies are hiring for right now, as well as my top three tips on how to approach a remote job search. 

There is global demand for roles on the forefront of the pandemic

This month, LinkedIn data shows there’s still a huge demand for roles ensuring all of us are safe right now: stock clerk, delivery driver, registered nurse, and store associates. The data is also showing a big demand for tech skills to fill roles that are able to work remotely, like software engineers. 

Most In Demand Jobs for August

  1. Salesperson

  2. Food Delivery Driver

  3. Registered Nurse

  4. Software Engineer

  5. Store Associate

  6. Cashier

  7. Financial Advisor

  8. Stock Clerk

  9. Training Supervisor

  10. Project Manager

Most In Demand Remote Jobs for August

  1. Software Engineer

  2. Software Architect

  3. DevOps Engineer

  4. Account Manager

  5. Back End Developer

  6. Project Manager

  7. Account Executive

  8. Sales Manager

  9. Sales Development Representative

  10. Full Stack Engineer

Skills companies are hiring for now

These are the top skills companies are hiring for right now and courses to help you learn them for free until the end of August. After you learn, add these skills to your profile to help you stand out to recruiters.

1. Communication: Recommended courses: Communicating With Transparency*, Digital Body Language, Effective Listening

2. Business Management: Recommended courses: Business Analysis Foundations*, Strategic Planning Foundations, How to Innovate and Stay Relevant in Times of Change

3. Problem Solving: Recommended courses: Problem Solving Techniques*, Critical Thinking for Better Judgement and Decision Making, How to Make Strategic Thinking a Habit

4. Data Science: Recommended courses: Business Science Foundations: Fundamentals*, Power BI Essential Training, Data Fluency: Exploring and Describing Data 

5. Data Storage Technologies: Recommended courses: AWS: Storage and Data Management*, Programming Foundations: Databases, Cert Prep: Storage and Peripherals

Read the full list of top 10 skills and courses here.

3 quick tips to help you land a remote job

LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index shows people are feeling pretty good about working remotely. 55% of survey respondents said that long-term remote work would be successful in their industry. However, finding a job remotely, even if you’ll be going into a workplace eventually, is a little different than an in-person interview process. 

Here are three quick LinkedIn tricks to help you in your search:

  • Send the right signals: By changing your Open to Work settings, you can quietly signal directly to recruiters the job titles, types of work (i.e. part time or full time), and explicitly show you’re open to remote job opportunities.  

  • Customize your job alerts: LinkedIn data shows that you’re up to 4X more likely to hear back from a job if you apply within the first 10 minutes. Set up job alerts for remote roles and we’ll notify you immediately when something that fits your criteria or experience is posted.

  • Practice your onscreen presence: Showing who you really are through a screen can be tough. Take time to hone critical soft skills and recession-proof career strategies on LinkedIn Learning. Also, make sure to leave yourself enough time to prep using LinkedIn’s Interview Prep tools. You can record your answers and play them back, or send them to your connections for feedback.