Resources to Help You Navigate the Challenges of Today's Job Market

March 26, 2020

Learning courses

The global economy has been shaken by the COVID-19 outbreak, leading to an increase in people applying for unemployment. As companies from a wide-range of industries experience a decline in hiring, people looking for a job are coping with uncertainty, assessing options, and fine-tuning their career search strategies in the face of a tough job market. 

To help make this easier, we’re providing a free learning path of 11 courses to help you navigate these challenging economic times. Whether you've been laid off or had your hours reduced, we have courses that can help you build a job search strategy, lean on your professional network, and hone your virtual interview skills. 

Build a job search strategy

Lean on your professional network

Improve your interviewing skills

We understand these are challenging times and we are committed to sharing relevant resources and courses. In the coming days, we’ll share tips on managing stress, developing resilience, and cultivating mental wellbeing as well as insights on reskilling for new roles and industries that are experiencing growth.