Weekly Trending Skill: Teamwork and Collaboration

May 13, 2020

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During this continued surge in online learning, we’ve noticed an increase in people investing in core foundational skills that are highly transferable across industries, roles and levels.  

Our skill of the week, teamwork, is a great example of this. Not only are people spending a lot of time learning how to become better teammates, it’s also one of the top skills listed in active job postings on LinkedIn, with approximately two million job postings from a breadth of industries highlighting this as a required skill. Pretty understandable why this is our skill of the week, right? 

What makes someone a great team player or collaborator? According to Chris Croft, LinkedIn Learning Instructor and management expert, “It starts with knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, delivering what is expected of you, listening to other team members, communicating clearly, playing more than one role, and being supportive.” 

In addition, fostering a culture of psychological safety where people feel safe speaking up, making mistakes and bringing their full selves to work is also a key factor in healthy teams. In fact, Glint data identifies belonging, a critical measure of inclusion, as one of the top drivers of engagement globally.

In addition to these soft skills, technology can also help you to improve your collaboration and teamwork. In fact, we are seeing increased engagement in courses focused on using tools like Sharepoint or G-suite to help optimize efficiency when working with others. 

Interested in improving your teamwork and collaboration skills? Dive into these courses to develop both the hard and soft sides of this highly important skill. We’ve made them free for you through the end of June.

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