The Most In-demand Jobs: Where the Opportunity Is Now

June 18, 2020

The jobs landscape has changed significantly over the past few months, there’s been increasing demand for healthcare, retail and logistics workers due to COVID-19, as well as jobs that can be done remotely like software engineers and accountants. 

To help you understand where the opportunities are now, we’ll be sharing monthly insights into the most in-demand jobs around the world. As economies around the world begin to reopen, we’re seeing demand for a wide range of jobs that will continue to make our “new normal” possible. 

The Most In-Demand Jobs (based on volume)

To understand where demand was most critical, we looked at the job titles on LinkedIn that have the most jobs available right now. No matter what your skill set or experience level, there’s probably a job on this list for you. 

  1. Software Engineer

  2. Nurse

  3. Salesperson

  4. Driver

  5. Supermarket Department Specialist

  6. Certified Public Accountant

  7. Project Manager

  8. Store Associate

  9. Supply Chain Associate

  10. Food Service Worker

Jobs where demand is growing the fastest

As the situation around the world continues to change rapidly, we looked at LinkedIn data to find jobs where demand is growing the fastest month over month. If you’re looking for a job right now, these roles are a good place to start because it’s likely they need to fill positions quickly. 

These are the roles that saw the biggest increase in the number of job posts from April to May 2020.

  1. Certified Public Accountant

  2. Training Supervisor

  3. Cashier

  4. Associate

  5. Supply Chain Assistant

  6. Freelance Engineer

  7. Support Associate

  8. Food Clerk

  9. Translation Specialist 

  10. Marketing Strategy Consultant

We’ll be sharing these insights every month, so stay tuned for July’s update.For more resources to help you in your job search, including free LinkedIn Learning classes, tips on updating your profile, and advice on your job search, visit