What You Need to Know to Get Hired This Month: November 2020

November 20, 2020

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As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, there is hope for job seekers who are searching for their next opportunity. Globally, there are more than 14 million jobs available on LinkedIn with someone getting hired every 3 minutes, and we’ve introduced a series of new tools for job seekers over the past several weeks.

This month’s most in-demand jobs

To help you in your search, we’ve identified this month’s most in-demand jobs so you can quickly see where the opportunities are and what skills you need. If you aren’t sure which job may be a fit, use LinkedIn’s Career Explorer tool to better understand how you can transition into one of these in-demand roles.

  1. Salesperson

    Relevant Skills: Sales Management, Merchandising, New Business Development 

  2. Registered Nurse

    Relevant Skills: Nursing, Basic Life Support, Patient Safety

  3. Software Engineer

    Relevant Skills: Java, SQL, JavaScript

  4. Tax Specialist 

    Relevant Skills: Accounting, Tax Preparation, Financial Analysis

  5. Driver

    Relevant Skills: Professional Driving, Logistics Management, Operations Management

  6. Food Delivery Driver

    Relevant Skills: Customer Satisfaction, Professional Driving, Food Delivery

  7. Javascript Developer

    Relevant Skills: JavaScript, CSS, React.js

  8. Fundraiser

    Relevant Skills: Fundraising, Volunteer Management, Social Media Marketing

  9. Project Manager

    Relevant Skills: Program Management, Construction Management, Contract Management

  10. Retail Salesperson

    Relevant Skills: Merchandising, Customer Satisfaction, Sales Management

Most in-demand remote jobs:

More than 15% of all job applications in the US went to remote jobs this month, indicating that for companies and individuals remote work should be considered a lasting trend. You can easily filter to see remote jobs on LinkedIn, or set job alerts so you’ll be notified when there is a remote job that’s right for you.

  1. Full Stack Engineer

    Relevant Skills: JavaScript, CSS, SQL

  2. Frontend Developer

    Relevant Skills: JavaScript, CSS, HTML5

  3. Project Manager

    Relevant Skills: Program Management, Construction Management, Contract Management

  4. Solutions Architect

    Relevant Skills: Solution Architecture, Software Development, Cloud Computing

  5. Account Manager / Account Executive

    Relevant Skills: Sales Management, New Business Development, Customer Relationship Management

  6. Product Manager

    Relevant Skills: Product Management, Product Development, Product Marketing

  7. Back End Developer

    Relevant Skills: Back-End Web Development, JavaScript, SQL

  8. Sales Manager

    Relevant Skills: Sales Operations, Key Account Management, Direct Sales

  9. Architect

    Relevant Skills: AutoCAD, Architectural Design, Photoshop

  10. Salesperson

    Relevant Skills: Sales Management, Merchandising, New Business Development 

Consider looking internally for a new role

According to LinkedIn’s recent Future of Recruiting Report, hiring managers are now, more than ever, are looking to hire from within the company. Even as hiring overall has fallen as a result of the pandemic, the internal hiring rate is 20% higher than it was during this time in 2019. 

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It’s easier than ever to spot the right job, or make sure it comes to you

  • Set job alerts so you never miss out on an opportunity. LinkedIn data shows if you apply within the first 10 minutes, your chances of hearing back increase by up to 4X. You can set job alerts from virtually anywhere in the LinkedIn Jobs experience and we’ll send you a notification immediately when something that fits your search gets posted.

  • Make sure your skills stand out. Demonstrating your skill level by taking LinkedIn Skill Assessments is a great way to make sure you’re showing up in recruiter searches. Candidates who complete Skill Assessments and display a badge on their profile are 20% more likely to get hired.

  • Look out for people who are #Hiring. Finding opportunities in your network can also give you a leg up. In fact, you’re almost 4X more likely to get hired through your network, and it’s easier than ever to see who in your network is hiring with new #Hiring photo frames and job listings on member’s profiles.

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