Virtual Networking Just Got Easier

October 19, 2020

Virtual everything has become a new normal for professionals around the world. From everyday office work, to conferences and events, professionals are finding new ways to stay connected while keeping a safe distance. 

That being said, just because you can’t be in the same room as someone, doesn’t mean your networking efforts should fall behind. That’s why we’re making it easy to quickly create a video meeting via LinkedIn messaging. Now, you can easily transfer the conversation from messaging to a face-to-face interaction. 

We teamed up with Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans by Verizon, and Zoom, so that you can seamlessly add video meeting links to your private conversations on LinkedIn with a few simple clicks. 

When Should You Use Video Meetings?

Face to face interaction is as important as ever before. In fact, we’ve heard that over 60% of members want to use video meetings on LinkedIn for networking.

You can use video meetings to catch up and share career advice over coffee, chat live about potential job opportunities, or even start a group virtual happy hour following an online event. Learn more about how to start that group conversation, or stay connected with coworkers, and create opportunities for a more personal connection.

Here’s Exactly How To Do It

In the message thread, either with another individual or with a group of people, simply click the video meeting icon, and select a provider to sign-in or register. Once complete, you’ll be able to automatically generate a unique video meeting link within any message threads on LinkedIn. 

We understand our members want options. So, once you sign-in or register with a provider, you won’t have to sign in again. And, you can sign into all providers at once so you can seamlessly pick which service to use based on the people you are inviting. We’ve also built this tool in a way that we can add future services, so please do share feedback with us if there is a service you’d like us to add. 

Whether it’s within an existing conversation or you’re starting a new one on LinkedIn,we’ve made it easy to quickly share an instant video meeting link or schedule one for later. 

This new functionality is now available globally. We encourage you to kick off a video meeting today, and check out all the latest messaging tools we’ve rolled out recently in this blog post