A New Look and Feel for LinkedIn

September 24, 2020

Since our last major redesign nearly five years ago, LinkedIn has evolved from a place to create your professional profile online and search for others, to an active community of more than 700M professionals worldwide. Today we’re seeing members sharing in record numbers, sending hundreds of millions of messages every week, reskilling themselves by consuming more than one million hours of LinkedIn Learning content weekly, and last year alone nearly five billion connections were made across the platform. And every day on LinkedIn, despite the tough economy, 3 people are hired every minute through the community.

All of you that share, inspire, help, and hire each day, are what make up LinkedIn. Whether you connect to colleagues, customers, mentors, former or current manager, industry influencers, or job seekers -- community is the heart of LinkedIn. 

And today, I couldn’t be more excited to announce we’re redesigning LinkedIn to make your LinkedIn experience easy, inclusive, enjoyable, and most importantly to put the community front and center.

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This new LinkedIn experience is warmer and embodies our diverse, inclusive and trusted community. It is also simpler, more modern, and more intuitive, allowing for easier navigation and discovery. A new, streamlined search experience will make it much easier to surface the people, events, groups and content you want, while helping you reach beyond your immediate network -- when there is value in doing so. And we continue to prioritize inclusion and accessibility as core design principles, including a dark mode coming soon. We’ve also added new illustrations that showcase people with different abilities, diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, and a wide range of jobs and industries. We want everyone to be able to see themselves and feel welcome.

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We’ve also set out to redesign not just the LinkedIn experience, but how members find opportunity. For so long, people were told to keep it quiet if they were looking for work. But we know from our data and our conversations with customers that recruiters want to know who is available, communities want to know who to support and members want jobs. So we launched “Open to Work,” a simple LinkedIn profile photo frame that says just that: you’re looking for your next opportunity. Nearly 2.5 million members have adopted the frame, from airline pilots to data analysts. Early results show members with the Open to Work photo frame are receiving 40% more Inmails from recruiters and 20% more messages from the LinkedIn community.  

Our vision of creating an engaging, supportive, diverse, and respectful community is coming to life and thriving. And our site redesign comes at a crucial tipping point, as we see record numbers of members turning to the platform to share their stories, get support, and help others. 

Based on that need to connect, we’ve also added a more human way of sharing by introducing Stories. No, Stories aren’t new in the industry, but we took the time to understand how this format fits in the professional context that defines everything we do and what happens on LinkedIn. Through tests in various regions around the world, we’ve seen  members adopt this format  to connect more personally and less formally with their peers and friends. In the COVID world, LinkedIn Stories are letting people replace those essential water cooler moments. 

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And for those moments when a face-to-face meeting is the best way to get things done, we’re helping there, too. Now, with one click, you can start a video call over Teams, BlueJeans by Verizon, or Zoom directly from a message thread.

meeting messenger

What you do here is essential for you to achieve your goals and that’s why this redesign is so important to us: we want to keep making Linkedin easier for you to share, work with and help your professional community. We’re starting to roll this redesign out to our members globally today and it will be available to everyone in the coming weeks. 

LinkedIn is no longer just a place to just find people. It’s a place of personal and professional growth, a place of business growth, a place of economic growth, and a place that makes a difference in professional lives. It’s a community where you can be inspired, build relationships and discover unexpected opportunities. Whether we’re navigating a COVID downturn or post-COVID recovery, addressing an existing skills gap or a coming skills revolution, breaking systemic barriers to equal opportunity, or tackling whatever else defines work in the future, we’re fully committed to continuing to provide the tools and experiences that will let every professional connect to the right opportunities for them. 

Each of you -- our members -- make LinkedIn what it is today. Thank you for being the heart of this community.