Strengthening our Professional Community Policies to Keep Members Safe

September 29, 2020

In this ever-changing year, the community on LinkedIn has come together to help each other find opportunities, be more productive, and learn new skills. To help keep these important conversations constructive and respectful, never harmful, we’ve strengthened our Professional Community Policies.

We also know you, our members expect a higher standard for the content on LinkedIn. As we strive to meet these expectations, we will continue to share with you about what is and what is not allowed on LinkedIn. 

Our updated Professional Community Policies can be found here and are organized around four core principles: 

  • Be safe. We require everyone to be civil and respectful in every single interaction. Especially in our world today, hate, discrimination, racism, harassment, including unwanted romantic advances, or bullying have no place on LinkedIn.

  • Be trustworthy. We require members to use their true identity, provide accurate information about themselves or their organization, and only share information that is real and authentic. We do not allow fake profiles, fake jobs, or misinformation.  

  • Be professional. We require content to be professionally relevant and on topic, such as sharing and gaining expertise, hiring or how to get hired, or learning or teaching a new skill. Explicit, shocking or inflammatory content is not allowed. 

  • Respect others’ rights and follow the law by adhering to privacy, copyright, and other applicable laws when you’re using LinkedIn.

If you see something you feel violates our policies, whether in profiles, posts, messages, or anywhere on LinkedIn, we ask you to report it to us so we can carefully review it and take action. With your reports and our automated defenses, we can help protect you from inappropriate content or experiences on the platform. 

We’re also increasing transparency on what happens after content is reported. When you report content or behavior that violates our policies, we take action, which can include removing content or restricting an account. We’re also starting to let members who report inappropriate content know the action we’ve taken on their report. And, for members who violate our policies, we’ll notify them about which policy they violated and why their content was removed. We know we won’t always get it right and when we do make a mistake on a post that was incorrectly removed, we’ll acknowledge it and work directly with you to make it right. 

The community on LinkedIn is made up of individual members who won’t always agree, which is reflective of the changing world around us, but we can continue to treat each other with respect. Please join us in keeping LinkedIn safe, trusted, and professional. More than ever, we are in this together.