Small Steps Towards a Brighter Future

April 28, 2021

small steps

For most of us, the last 12 months have been the most challenging we’ve experienced in our professional lives. 

In the UK, the unemployment rate has increased to 4.9%** and we know that many of our members have faced redundancy. But, with spring in the air, and the end of a third round of lockdown restrictions bringing more freedom, there is a sense of looking ahead to better times. Research* shows that two thirds (67%) of the workforce is feeling more optimistic about their career prospects.

For those that have experienced furlough, reduced working hours, or even redundancy, taking a step forward to new career opportunities can seem extremely daunting. Mark Twain once said “the secret to getting ahead is getting started”, but often getting started is the hardest thing to do. Taking those first small steps was the inspiration behind our latest campaign, which plays on the metaphor of a rather neglected house plant coming back to life.

The inspiration behind the desk plant motif that features in the creative was partly drawn from the positive impact that indoor greenery can have on mental health, which has been widely reported. At a time when many of our members are still feeling isolated and occasionally overwhelmed, the humble desk plant has taken on an important role in reducing stress and improving our wellbeing.

The pandemic has changed how our members interact with LinkedIn - we’ve seen extraordinary engagement on the platform and countless heartwarming examples of the LinkedIn community coming together to support each other through these challenging times. That sense of support is really at the heart of the creative, and we hope it serves as a reminder of the huge power of our global community. 

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**ONS employment figures from April 2021 

*Based on a study from ThinkTank Research who surveyed 400 nationally representative adults in October 2020.